Golf Club Repair

At Cherokee Valley Golf Club we offer a variety of club repair services to keep your existing equipment in top shape.  Whether you need a new grip installed on your putter or a new shaft for your driver, we are happy to help!


Payment due before completion of repairs.  Please allow 48 hours for repairs to be completed.


(All prices are plus sales tax)
Service Price
Replace Grip (if bringing your own) $ 2.80
Shaft Installation (+ cost of shaft) $ 20.00
Extend Club (+ cost of grip) $ 16.00
Shorten Club (+ cost of grip) $ 8.00
Save Existing Grip $ 3.00
Reset Iron Head $ 20.00
Reset Wood Head $ 20.00
Remove Rattle in Club Head $ 20.00

We stock an assortment of standard, mid-size, and putter grips.  Styles and prices are subject to change.  Stop by or call the pro shop to confirm!